LRANY Video Series: Video Memo Introduction

This week, to continue the LRANY video series, we bring to you an introduction to a new portion of the series Video Memo’s hosted by LRANY’s Scott Hobson.  In New York, over 10,000 bills are filed each session and we are tracking hundreds of them on a daily basis.  The purpose of this portion on […]

Fox News: Frivolous Lawsuits in New York City

Last night Fox 5 News aired a segment entitled “Frivolous Lawsuits in New York City” featuring LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  The story discussed the problem that New York City faces with frivolous lawsuits and how these cases are clogging our court and draining the pockets of hard working taxpayers. Highlighting cases such as the […]

Buns of Steel Leave Rock Fan Cold

By: Michael Seinberg When Vicki Calcagno attended a 2004 NY State Fair concert by 80’s legend Rick Springfield, she didn’t bargain for how up close and personal things would get.  According to the lawsuit she filed in 2007 (a full 3 years later!) she was struck by the star’s magnificent buttocks and rendered unconscious for some 10-30 […]

LRANY Video Series: Trespasser Responsibility

This week, to continue the LRANY video series, we bring to you a video on trespasser responsibility.  Currently, New York is one of only two states in the nation where a trespasser can sue a property owner for injuries incurred while trespassing. This backwards standard of liability threatens law abiding New Yorkers’ right to free enjoyment […]

LRANY Video Series: Medical Apologies

This week, to continue the LRANY video series, we bring to you a video on the medical apologies. Under current law, statements of apology or regret made by a health care provider can be used in court against the provider as evidence of wrongdoing.Consequently, doctors and hospitals are unable to apologize or express sympathy to injured […]

LRANY Video Series: Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month Overview

This week, to continue the LRANY video series, we bring to you an overview video of a new portion of the series, the ridiculous lawsuit of the month. Each month, LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely will share with you the most ridiculous lawsuit that we come across for your enjoyment, amusement and education.  Frivolous lawsuits are a […]

City & State Issue Spotlight: Law and Lawsuits

By: Kate Hobday This week, the legislative newspaper City & State focused nearly the entire issue on law and lawsuits. One was article entitled Better Late Than Never (page 18), and we at the Lawsuit Reform Alliance couldn’t agree more. The newspaper focused on several issues central to LRANY’s mission, including capping non-economic damage payouts, the Daubert standard, and the […]

Aussie Ruling Makes Business Travelers Sad

By: Michael Seinberg Business travelers round the world are wearing black armbands today thanks to a ruling by an Australian court. No more frequent flyer miles? No free drinks in flight? No more hotel discounts? No, actually, no more employer supported sex. In 2007 an Australian government worker was sent on an overnight trip that […]

Times Union: State Laws Open Doors to Excessive Lawsuits

The Albany Times Union recently published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins in response to a recent lawsuit filed against Speaker Sheldon Silver which his office deemed “frivolous” An excerpt: “Recent news that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is facing a lawsuit (“Lawsuit: Silver breached ‘contract,’” Oct. 15) that his office […]