Syracuse Post Standard: Bar Stool Lawsuit No Laughing Matter for New York Business

The Syracuse Post Standard recently posted a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, in response to a $1 million lawsuit filed against a Syracuse hotel after a woman fell off of a bar stool. An Excerpt: “To the Editor; New York’s justice system is once again the subject of […]

LRANY Statement on Cuomo Calling Trial Lawyers “Most Powerful” in Albany

See response below from LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, in response to Governor Cuomo stating that , “the trial lawyers are the single most powerful political force in Albany,” in a Crain’s piece released today ( Governor Cuomo claims that “you can’t change” the Scaffold Law, but little change comes to those who do not […]

LRANY Video Series: Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month April 2014

This week, to continue the Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month portion of the LRANY video series, Phoebe Stonbely discusses a recent settlement which was reached in the case from November of 2012 in which an Buffalo Bills fan sued the team for receiving too many text alerts (yes, really). The outcome may have you blindsided…

The Buffalo News, Letter: Medical Liability Reform Will Ease Doctor Shortage

Today,  The Buffalo News published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Executive Director, Thomas Stebbins, which targets New York’s medical liability crisis as a key factor in the looming doctor shortage our state is facing. An Excerpt: “Kudos to The News for reporting on the doctor shortage in upstate and Western New York. […]

The Journal News, Letter to the Editor: Medical Liability Change Aids Lawyers

Today, The Journal News shared a letter tot the editor written by LRANY’s Thomas B. Stebbins which highlights a hidden subsidy for medical liability insurance buried in the recently released NYS budget. An Excerpt: “Buried in the recent New York state budget is a $127 million subsidy for medical liability insurance. Why is this? Our […]

For Immediate Release: Lawyers Release “Super Value” Menu

Albany, NY — Suing everyone is a popular New York pastime, so in an effort to simplify lawsuits for the general public, today the New York State Personal Injury Lawyers Association released a “Lawsuit Super Value Menu.”  “The menu is designed to showcase the many, many opportunities to file profitable lawsuits in New York,” said […]