LRANY Video Series: Lawsuit Lending

This week, to continue the LRANY video series, we bring you a video on lawsuit lending.  The predatory practice of lawsuit lending, also referred to as third party litigation financing, is essentially a legal form of loan sharking. The predatory practice seeks out consumers who have filed lawsuits and offers cash advances on pending lawsuits […]

LRANY-Supported “Potted Plant” Trial Conduct Bill Advances in Assembly

This week, the Assembly Judiciary committee unanimously voted to report A.9077 to the floor. This legislation, which LRANY supports, would amend the law to allow the counsel for a non-party witness to raise objections to improper questioning. The current law does not allow such objections to be raised, as a result of the Supreme Court […]

LRANY Video Series: Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month May 2014 – $2,000 Decillion Lawsuit

To continue the LRANY Video Series, this week Phoebe Stonbely brings you the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month: a New York man files a lawsuit for $2,000 decillion dollars; that is 36 zeros and more money than we have on earth.

LRANY Executive Director Statement on President Obama’s Visit to the Tappan Zee Bridge

As President Obama visits the Tappan Zee Bridge to call on Congress for more infrastructure spending, advocates for Scaffold Law reform remind the President that millions of federal infrastructure dollars are wasted each year because of the Scaffold Law. “It’s important for the President to understand the massive consequences that this outdated New York State […]

Albany Times Union: Scaffold Law is too costly for New York

Today, the Albany Times Union published commentary written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, explaining the need for reform of the outdated Scaffold Law. An Excerpt: “The absolute liability of the Scaffold Law drives up the cost of nearly every public project in the state. This is not opinion; this is fact. The data is […]

Senate Passes “Potted Plant” Trial Examination Conduct Bill

Today the Senate passed S.5077 (Bonacic), supported by LRANY, which would clarify the rules relating to the conduct of an examination before trial. The bill does not yet have a sponsor in the assembly. The measure, introduced upon the recommendation of the Chief Administrative Judge, would allow the counsel for a non-party witness to object to […]

LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, on Capital Tonight

Watch LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, discuss LRANY’s recent study release and needed reforms to the ‘Scaffold Law’ on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin.  Stebbins explains the contents of “Power of Attorney: Exploring the Influence of the Trial Bar in New York State” a study released this week by LRANY which found trial lawyers spend […]

For Immediate Release: Lawyer Lobbying Spending in NY at an All Time High

Governor Cuomo called them “the single most powerful political force in Albany”   Report reveals trial lawyers’ influence in Albany politics  (ALBANY, NY):  A report released today by the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York has found that trial lawyer special interest groups spent $1.15 million on lobbyists and lobbying expenses in 2013, a 37% […]

The Journal News: A.G. Must Tackle ‘Lawsuit Lending’

The Journal News published a piece today written by LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely applauding the AG for assisting a New York woman who was struggling with deceptive loan practices from out of state lenders and encouraging him to look to lawsuit loans under the same light. An Excerpt: “Kudos to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman for […]

LRANY Video Series: “Good Samaritan” Liability Protections

To continue the LRANY Video Series, this week we bring you a video on the issue of good Samaritan liability protections.  There is current legislation which LRANY supports which would bring light to this issue.  This legislation provides immunity from liability for death, personal injury, or property damage incurred by a victim of a crime […]