Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month, October 2015: NYC Aunt Sues Her Own Nephew –

This month, LRANY’s Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit that gained public outrage as soon as it hit the press. Earlier this month, the news that a NYC aunt was suing her own nephew for an overzealous hug at his 8th birthday party began to take over headlines. Jennifer Connell brought the case against her […]

Most Outrageous Lawsuit of the Month September 2015: “Greatest Man in History” Sues NYPD

This month Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit featuring a man from Brooklyn who is the self-proclaimed “greatest man in history”. Tommy Adams who claims to be a well-known athlete, author and scientist who has predicted hurricanes and saved people from a burning building is seeking $6M from the NYPD. Claiming that the seven arrests […]

Syracuse Post-Standard: Changing Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Would Harm Schools, Churches

The Syracuse Post- Standard publsihed a letter to the editor written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, focused on the negative implications that could come from passing a bill to open a one-year period during which plaintiffs could file lawsuits for alleged abuse that happened at any time. An Excerpt: “We applaud Assemblymember Markey’s commitment to […]