The New York plaintiffs’ bar is the biggest special interest you’ve never heard of. See the full report here.


Lawsuits cost New York taxpayers over a billion dollars a year – we’re working to change that.


If someone breaks into your house and injures themselves, they can sue you – we’re working to change that.


If a worker injures themselves while drunk on the job, the employer is liable – we’re working to change that.


A party only 1% at fault can be forced to pay 100% of a judgment, encouraging lawsuit abuse – we’re working to change that.


Fear of lawsuits causes providers to order unnecessary tests and procedures, driving up healthcare costs – we’re working to change that.


Our Mission

The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) is a broad based coalition of hardworking New York business leaders, professionals and taxpayers who are committed to changing New York’s burdensome and expensive legal system to help create more jobs and energize our State’s economy.

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Tell your elected officials that you want to see common sense changes to New York’s broken legal system  to help  our state grow. Make your voice heard!

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LRANY News and Blog

Thank you to all of our guests who attended our event, “Asbestos Litigation: Business as Usual in a ‘Judicial Hellhole?’” yesterday in New York City. The exciting event featured insight and analysis on a critical asbestos litigation issues and trends from knowledgeable, experienced speakers including nationally recognized author and professor Lester Brickman. We would also […]

This month’s Phoebe Stonbely will discuss a lawsuit that is out of this world ridiculous! A few years back, a Spanish woman named Maria Angeles Duran claimed ownership rights to the sun. She began to sell plots of land on the sun – on eBay, for one euro per square meter. Once eBay caught onto, […]

By: Tom Stebbins Last night, the tumultuous 2015 legislative session came to a close. We are pleased to report that, with your help and support, all the trial lawyer’s priority bills were stopped, and their liability-expanding agenda did not come to pass. In the last days of the session, you, our supporters, sent hundreds of […]

Watch Tom Stebbins discuss “Bad-faith” bill S.4049-A/A.257 with Liz Benjamin on Capital Tonight. The bill proves to be a trial lawyer handout that would create a detrimental blow for all New Yorkers.

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